Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How can I calibrate my Wii-mote for the size of my TV?

My projector projects a 105" screen. Where I point my remote and the location of the cursor don't even come close to lining up. Navigating the Wii menu isn't so bad, but Duck Hunt is gonna suck. I want the cursor to go where I point, not Y * N feet higher.

Should I build a custom sensor bar and place the LEDs a couple feet apart? If I make the sensor bar N times longer than the default, perhaps the Wii will position the cursor vertically at Y * N / N (cancelling out N, the ratio of my TV size to the Wii's default), or exactly where I point the remote. In other words, I'll trick the Wii into thinking I'm closer to the TV than I really am.

Could this possibly work? How do I calculate N exactly?


Paul said...

ur logic seems sound and should work. I've wondered about this myself.

khainne said...

why dont you try the candle trick, and place two candles till it works perfectally. Then measure the distance and make some LEDS